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Acrylic photo mounting has been around for some time in fancy penthouse apartments or high end galleries. In recent years it’s made its way into more homes and businesses and is growing in popularity.

We believes in the face mount method which provides greater color pop and vibrancy. Why?
For two reasons really – one, colors always looks best printed on high quality white paper and two, the face mount takes advantage of the reflective quality of acrylic.
Acrylic has the unusual property of keeping a beam of light reflected within its surfaces which is what creates that WOW factor the first time you see an acrylic print done this way. Great color vibrancy with a near 3-D effect.
No other display technique can match an acrylic face mount which is why this technique is growing quickly in popularity among professional photographers.

Not much of a contest here. Acrylic in a unanimous decision. Obviously, you’ve heard of the acrylic process for displaying your photos or you wouldn’t be reading this But ask your friends, family and co-workers if they have ever heard of an acrylic face mount and you’ll get a dazed look of confusion. While the process is becoming more popular it still hasn’t hit the mainstream yet. Photographers looking to stand out from the crowd are having great success with the acrylic presentation. When you walk into an art gallery and see traditional frame after traditional frame with a few canvases mixed in, then see an acrylic photo mount, it does stand out.

No doubt, appearance is a matter of preference. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Acrylic provides a sleek, modern and vibrant look which looks terrific in modern decor

In addition, the acrylic provides a rare reflective property in that light reflects within the acrylic to provide that near 3-D look and greater color vibrancy.

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